Things to do on Valentine’s Day in London

With its classic, romantic scenery and rich history, London is the perfect scene for your love story or even you are about to start your grand love, sparkle your sweet moments with London, make your special someone feel little more special.

Discover London’s romantic side with your love, why not celebrate your happiness of being in love this Valentine’s Day in London and watch how London’s romance take your intimacy to the new depth.

This blog is a cheat sheet for what to do on Valentine’s Day in London and places to visit in London on 14th February, to fancy dates and trying something new for the first time, you are covered as Just Airports telling every way to impress your loved one with a romantic getaway to London this Valentine’s Day.

London’s most romantic restaurants

Gold, Notting Hill

Best for the first date

Price: £100 for two people 

As romantic restaurants hunt, consider Gold your golden hit for the first date. The Notting Hill restaurant’s alluring Bauhaus style gets particularly comes in full swing on the weekend – millennials reaching to the bar, an all-hours alive atmosphere and diners perfectly settled for a night out. So when it comes for warm couple feelings, this isn’t the typical place for every romantic one. The actual deal is you get an atmosphere which is exquisite and focused on traditional cooking style and amazingly flavourful food.


Best for: Japanese Food 

Price: Around £200 for two people

If your date has an inclination for Japanese food, then believe us there is no better way to ignite the romance than to treat them with a dinner to Zuma. Surely, one of the finest Japanese restaurants in the city, They serve izakaya-style dishes with a new twist that will surprise your taste buds with every bite. Located in the heart of London’s glittery area, Knightsbridge, the Zuma restaurant has been an all-time favourite hot spot for the rich and delicious food for almost two decades.

Brasserie Zédel

Best for: Instagram perfect french food. 

Price: Around £100 for two. 

Zédel seems like a treasure in Piccadilly. Somehow it’s managed to calmly claim its existence in the centre of London – a pastel, French art deco brasserie is placed in the basement – which is, wait for it, the best deal. Really. You can order for chopped steak with a peppercorn sauce and French fries and bill might double the satisfaction, just under £10. Surprisingly London. We suggest smoked salmon start, a fulfilling portion served with capers, lemon and horseradish. Then go onto the pasta and french desserts, taste some good wine. A meal where your main concern isn’t the price of the bill, romance is.

 Romantic site viewing in London 

Primrose Hill

Get on the top of Primrose Hill, you can watch London’s romantic hues melting into nothing but love along with your special one, you can see till Canary Wharf. The high street is a perfect place to grab a coffee cup or have a Martini in the courtyard garden at Michael Nadra with them.

Whispering Gallery, St Paul’s Cathedral

Not to mention the whole of St Paul’s Cathedral is a masterpiece in itself, the Whispering Gallery has potential to arouse the senses of intimacy and developing deeper bonds. Only off part of this is location is climbing 259 steps up if your fitness level is not rustic. Go for it. Due to the unique acoustics one experience there, you will hear someone soft whisper from the opposite side. It’s one of the best places to propose in London and what could be the better day than Valentines Day itself.

Little Venice

What could be more calming than sitting next to a water body and the canalside walks in Little Venice is surely place you would cherish if you want to express love while sunset is about to happen and orange rays glowing their face, confessing your love we know there will be certainly yes. If you up for romantic restaurant ideas, The Summerhouse overlooks the canal and does offer a good line in brunches and seafood or you can at Clifton Nurseries taste some good coffee and cake inside a greenhouse. A perfect place for cute hangout with them.

Valentine’s Day adventures for two In London 

Speed boat ride

Are you that someone who loves to experience the rush of adrenaline and excitement? Are you looking to do something a little different contrary to cakes and wines? Then we think the speed boat ride is one for you!

Energise your intimacy and enjoy an adrenaline-packed 50 minute Jet boat ride along the Thames with breathtaking views and speed, twists and turns and you hold them close and tight, fulfil your adventure thirst with them this Valentine’s day

Concerts on Valentine’s Day 

One of the good ways to have fun with your special someone is to attend a musical concert, here are some date and venues of all the buzz happening in London around Valentine’s Day

1 February 2020

Sat, 1 Feb, 6:30 pm GMT

Artist: Kaiser Chiefs 

Location: The O2Peninsula Square, London, United Kingdom

12 February 2020

Wed, 12 Feb, 7 pm GMT

Artist: Mabel

Location: Eventim Apollo45 Queen Caroline St, London, United Kingdom

13 February 2020 

Thu, 13 Feb, 8:30 pm GMT

Artist: Madonna 

Location: The London Palladium8 Argyll St, London, United Kingdom

25 February 2020

Tue, 25 Feb, 7 pm GMT

Artist: Lana Del Rey

Location: The O2Peninsula Square, London, United Kingdom

29 February 2020

Sat, 29 Feb, 6:30 pm GMT

Artist: The Script 

Location: The O2Peninsula Square, London, United Kingdom

London helicopter tour 

There are no second thoughts in accepting, London is one of the most awesome places in the world. And of course, you could catch the main attraction and view its beautiful places from the ground, but this is Valentine’s day and usual is boring. We advise to take London Helicopter tour where you will be up in the sky with your favourite person and seeing city from a fresh perspective. What could be better than this, you above in the sky and expressing your love with them, we suggest you do this activity on the first date.

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