Everything you need to know about public transport in the holiday season of Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year

If you all set to get along with friends and pledged to attend parties over the coming date, or you are one of those who are celebrating Christmas by working, you may need to sort the travel arrangements for keeping the bummer aside – so the Just Airports aka your Christmas angels are here to help.

If you are in London, UK this Christmas then you know what actually we are going to say, public transportation is going to get the worse out of you. Non-availability or scarcity of taxi on Christmas day and public transport on Christmas day, boxing day and the new year is not an unusual problem that feels like a headache when you are standing outside London Airport at 6:00 am waiting for the your Christmas party taxi to show up but OOPS! No taxis are available and those who are charging at least 50% extra or in some case even double from their regular fare.
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Amazing Places to visit in London, United Kingdom

“A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else”. It has something for everyone, from a rich cultural heritage to a fanciest modern lifestyle. Being surrounded by 300 different languages spoken and home for 9 million people from diverse background, makes London a world in itself. Over 30 million people visit London every year. Certainly, London is one of everyone’s favorites. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful city or you are proud resident of city, you need to be handy with information of around the city which has reputation for being the worst road traffic congestion in the world and a definite list of places you cannot afford to miss in London, for a regret-free trip.

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: How to Plan your Travel?

The countdown for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 has begun and there are only 30 days left. This world cup will be hosted by England and many fans across the globe have already planned their trip. International tournament such as the World Cup is always special as fans get to visit places that offer more than just sports. The United Kingdom is famous for its scenic beauty and food, and a well-planned tour can offer a memorable experience.

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Local Taxi Services in London UK

Whether you are traveling on vacation or for business, local taxi services in London, UK will be the great help.  They are meant for making your journey easier. When you travel to or from any national, European or international airport in London, it is extremely important to depend on a best in world class, 24 hours local taxi services in London, UK.  If you are still thinking why selecting the right cab company  is significant, the following factors should persuade you.

Quick and Convenient way of traveling around London:

Taxis from local taxi services in UK like justairports.com are usually centered near air-ports. Therefore, they have first-hand details about the various terminals at a particular airport, schedule of your flight’s and other arrival details. If you are traveling right away to catch your flight on time, you can relax knowing that you have a local area expert as your chauffeur.

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